Human Resources Management Platform from planning to payroll.

Blockchain Powered - Total transparency guaranteed.

Building the data you need while your team works on the field

A human centered labor & operational management solution that allows you managing remote teams from hiring to payroll.

Crew Management On-The-Go

Run your team from anywhere at anytime; embrace the benefits that come with a fully integrated App that allows you to control your operation from planning to execution.

  • manage crews, supervisors & team members.
  • assign tasks and get full visibility of performance on site: remote locations.
  • real time reports and reliable data.
  • onsite verification.
  • fraud detection & legal documentation.

Your Data - Your Way

Collect the info from your personnel on the field through the App or keeping the existing paper cards. Upload a picture using any smartphone and reduce the time your admin team spend counting every punch on every punchcard.

No more trying to interpret others handwriting. Take a picture or scan your employee’s punchcard and rest assured that what’s on the card is what gets transferred and processed by your new payroll system.

Simplify the way your are running your business today.

Data Accuracy & Integrity

We use blockchain technology along with mobile, to track everysingle activity performed by your team demonstrating how blockchain technology can enable supply chain transparency and traceability.

Keep unalterable records for different purposes: from legal to data mining.

Performance, Margins & Yield Tracking

Real time production access,  you can keep track of hourly production trends making it easier to adjust sales if necessary and improve communication with sales team.

By the use of an app your employees can also keep track of their daily production increasing the trustworthiness of this payroll system.

“I prefer this system because I can see how many boxes I’ve made. Whereas before we had to trust what other people say and sometimes boxes were missing.”

ecpunch is the first platform that does not get rid of paper cards but rather works hand in hand with them and achieves total transparency between the harvester and the company.

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